Services include business planning, marketing strategy, brand strategy, marketing communications and project management.

I (Sara Acworth) am a consultant with over 15 years marketing experience. I have worked for and with a range of businesses from not-for-profit organisations through to large global companies. I am used to working with organisations with large groups of stakeholders. I have been able to influence the direction of a number of businesses often by being the voice from outside which helps make sense of a problem and by subsequently assisting in championing the agreed strategy to their audience.

I have been responsible for planning and delivering youth marketing, grass roots sports marketing and brand marketing campaigns as well as building business plans up from the ground.

  • If you are a governing body or sports association, I can help you work with the business world to grow your reach and participation levels.
  • If you are a business who wants sport to be part of your message I can help you make those contacts and develop a strategy that will work for everyone.
  • If you are a small business with little time and tight budgets for planning and marketing I can provide you with a plan of action without breaking the bank.

I have the flexibility to step in and out of the team to help create and drive forward a strategic vision and bring in an additional knowledge base.