Business & Sport

Content is key to engaging an audience. Brands seek content to bring an “experience” to their marketing efforts. Sports can very often provide the content and therefore the emotive element to enhance a brand’s appeal. There has been no better time for brands to seek an involvement with healthy activity.

If you want to be in the business of sport or for sport to be part of your business my aim is to help you with the complexities of working in sport, help you fit sport into your strategy and develop a clear plan of action.

I can……………

  • help commercial brands associate with the right sport or activity
  • broker relationships between brands, the sporting world and the world of entertainment
  • work with a brand’s team to activate sport and entertainment based marketing activity
  • coordinate delivery of specific projects across agencies and partners

Having a good address book can be a valuable commodity as we come to rely more and more on networking. I am very fortunate to have met some amazing people