From 2000-2006, I headed up the marketing team at the Lawn Tennis Association with a focus on grass roots tennis and the development of Mini Tennis, now a UK standard for children aged 4-10. Attracting sponsors for LTA programmes and working with them on joint marketing programmes was a key strategy and strong relationships were built with the likes of Britvic, Powerade and Kia. Most significant was Procter & Gamble’s major sponsorship of tennis through its Ariel brand. It was my job to ensure all stakeholders including clubs, coaches, volunteers, councillors bought into the programmes. This included the LTA brand identity, work which saw a new logo and brand strategy successfully introduced.

Previously I was European marketing manager at Hasbro Interactive (computer games) where I worked with major toy brands such as Action Man, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. I learnt about the value of intellectual property, the process of new product development and the importance of tailoring your product to your marketplace.

My career began though in the music industry with German based ZYX records and subsequently Polydor Records where I was product manager for the Hi-Life dance label as well as the Motown and Go Beat labels.

Since leaving the LTA in 2006 I have been a marketing and business consultant. I have been working with the International Tennis Federation since 2006 and together we have developed the brand and marketing for Tennis Play and Stay, a global grass roots tennis initiative.

I have also worked with the England Cricket board and more recently I have helped a local company, Farnham Music and Drama, grow into a successful business.

I am also involved with a new online website for flexible jobs, Workpond is a start-up website that allows businesses to advertise their part-time, and consultancy roles to professionals and high calibre individuals to advertise their professional skills to businesses.

My qualifications include a degree from Bristol University in French & German and a CIM diploma in marketing and I continue to live out my love of sport and music in my daily life.